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It was after co-authoring an article on the interaction of laser radiation with body tissues and discussing the issue with glaucoma specialist Dr. Mordechai Goldenfeld, that Professor Belkin, the founder of BELKIN Vision, saw an opportunity.

What if a fast and simple use of a glaucoma laser treatment existed? A solution that could be easily deployed and used by any eye care provider wherever and whenever needed around the world allowing any glaucoma patient access to first-line glaucoma care.

Currently, drugs are still the mainstay in glaucoma first line treatment, and glaucoma laser treatment tends to be the second choice. However, medication management of glaucoma frequently fails to control intraocular pressure (IOP) in glaucoma patients, patient non-compliance is most often the primary culprit.

Ophthalmologists have sought other means for treatment to avoid adherence as an issue. Over the years many trials have supported laser as at least as effective as eye drops in lowering IOP. The unequivocal proof was provided in March 2019 when The Lancet published the results of the LiGHT trial, impeccable in its design and execution, which found that the current gold standard glaucoma laser (SLT) provided more robust IOP lowering while being a more cost-efficient first-line treatment, compared to eye drops.

At the same time there is a need for accessible glaucoma laser treatment which is practical and straight forward, allowing every ophthalmologist to treat their glaucoma patients with the same ease that they prescribe eye drops.

The innovation at the heart of our technology is the transscleral approach – the laser beams are delivered to the target area in the eye, the trabecular meshwork, through the external part of the eye, the limbus. This approach allows automated treatment completed in one second. The simplicity of the idea allows the laser treatment to be administered by all eye care providers making first-line glaucoma treatment available for every patient worldwide.

The idea for BELKIN Vision was born and Prof. Belkin approached Israel’s Rad Biomed Accelerator who loved the innovative idea and introduced BELKIN’s current CEO, Daria. It turned out that Prof. Belkin had known her since she was a baby – as her late father, Prof. Michael Blumenthal, was Prof. Belkin’s mentor for many years. The rest as they say is history. The company was established in 2013, under the name BELKIN Laser, with CEO Daria Lemann-Blumenthal at the helm. In 2021 BELKIN Laser was updated to BELKIN Vision to better reflect the future of the company.

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