Our DSLT technology is an efficient, automated laser treatment for glaucoma. A simple and intuitive treatment which can be applied by every ophthalmologist as a first-line treatment of choice. Our ultimate goal is to have BELKIN Vision’s technology used by any eye care provider.

with Glaucoma

There are currently 140 million people with glaucoma and ocular hypertension (OHT) around the world and the total is expected to reach 160 million in 2024.

of Glaucoma
Patients are
in Emerging

More than 80% of people with glaucoma or ocular hypertension are in emerging and undeveloped markets (including China, India, Latin America, and Rest of the World regions).

USA is Largest
Surgical Device

The US is the largest glaucoma surgical device market with 63% of global revenue. US glaucoma surgical market is expected to see a 16.3% growth rate over the next 5 years, increasing to an estimated $938M in 2024 from $442M in 2019.

Anticipated Growth
in Emerging

Emerging markets will show strongest growth – which account for nearly half of the world’s glaucoma patients.

An Opportunity
to Transform

Glaucoma treatment is a lucrative drug market, worth more than $4 billion each year. BELKIN’s device has the opportunity to completely transform the glaucoma market from a medication dominated primary therapy, to one that is controlled by laser therapy, which will enhance adherence and improve control. BELKIN will have the opportunity to capture a significant share of this thriving market.

Glaucoma Patients

BELKIN Vision offers a unique solution for glaucoma patients, providing a yearly treatment obviating the need for daily eye drops. BELKIN Vision addresses the biggest challenge in glaucoma medical treatment – poor compliance.
In low resource areas, the cost of eye drops is a major hurdle, while in high resource areas where medication is more affordable, the main barriers to medical adherence are forgetfulness and application difficulty.

Expanding Glaucoma Care
to More Practitioners

Due to the ease and accessibility of performing DSLT, effective glaucoma care can be opened to the larger population of cataract surgeons, general ophthalmologists and optometrists, who will not need the specialization and skill necessary to perform the conventional glaucoma laser (SLT) which requires a rotating lens on the eye.

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Why do Patients and Doctors Love our Technology?

Non-Invasive & Fast

Treatment in


Reduces IOP

Easy to Use

No special expertise
is required

ACG Solution

Exclusive solution for
Angle Closure Glaucoma

BELKIN’s Exclusive Solution for Angle Closure Glaucoma

Primary angle closure glaucoma (PACG) is a common cause of blindness in East Asia. Over 40% of Chinese glaucoma patients suffer from ACG, which is a difficult disease to treat and is a preventable yet common cause of irreversible blindness in China.

The BELKIN laser device treats ACG easily and simply. A laser beam is delivered through the external part of the eye, thus overcoming the challenge of visualizing the narrow angle.

Unique Glaucoma Treatment

  • Simple, intuitive, fast and easy to use.
  • Will significantly expand the overall glaucoma treatment market, especially as a first-line treatment, before or in conjunction with eye drops.
  • Provides a solution for millions of glaucoma patients for whom medical or surgical treatment is not accessible, as there are not enough experts to treat them.

There is massive growth potential for BELKIN Vision by offering a treatment that can be provided by a much higher number of practitioners to a larger number of patients.

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