Why Patients and Doctors Love DSLT


Drop-free Alternative

Solve patient compliance



As Convenient as Prescribing Eye Drops


Ease of Use

Intuitive Set Up and Functionality


Treat More Patients

Improve Access to Care

Clinically Proven

A practice-changing technology allowing you to treat your patients efficiently and effectively.


Proof of Concept

Status: Completed 2014

Number of Patients: 28

Primary Endpoint: IOP reduction at 6 months

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Status: Completed 2019

Number of Patients: 15

Primary Endpoint: IOP reduction at 3 months

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GLAUrious – Multicenter Randomized
Controlled Study

Status: Enrollment Complete

Number of Patients: 192

Primary Endpoint: IOP reduction at 6 months

Follow-up: 12 months

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DSLT in Focus

Understanding Energy Transmission

The understanding of energy transmission in SLT is changing. Recently confirmed in a literature review, the optimal energy needed for IOP reduction has not been established. The belief that IOP lowering occurs around the so-called 'Champaign bubble' level, has also not been verified. Read our topic paper to learn more.

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BELKIN Vision Publications

2022 Journal of Glaucoma

Energy Dose-Response in Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty:
A Review

Radcliffe N, et al.

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2021 TVST – ARVO Journal

Automated Direct Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty: First Prospective Clinical Trial

Goldenfeld M, et al.

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2020 Biomedial Optics Express

Non-contact direct selective laser trabeculoplasty: light propagation analysis

Sacks Z, et al.

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